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If you are planning to travel overseas for work or education and you want your educational/ personal documents such as birth/ marriage certificate, business/ corporate documents to be recognized in that country or effectively legal in that country then the Canadian document issue must be attested by the Canadian Ministry of foreign affairs authentication and legalization section and then by the embassy of the destination country in Canada. Visaenterprise can help you in this process whether you are in Canada or overseas, your physical presence is not required however the documentation is needed. You may for example be in the UAE and want your documents attested thus you can just courier your documents to us using any international courier service such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. to send us the documents. Likewise, you could be working in Japan and you want to get your documents authenticated in order to use it for working in the UAE. Ottawa legalization which is the Visaenterprise department of legalization, authentication and attestation services will handle the process for you in its entirety.

If you are planning to get a job offer or position in the United Arab Emirates, then there is certain documentation that needs to be attested and legalized before you hit there. Among those are your Canadian educational degrees, school certificates or reports. Its always good to make a notarized copy from your original degree in order to keep your degree clean and you don’t give it away to your employer or the authorities in order to obtain the visa.

How to make a notarized copy?

Always use a Notarized copy: You need to produce notarized copies of original Canadian education documents (certified or attested by a member of notary public/lawyer or a commissioner of oath that certifies copy is a true duplicate of original). Visaenterprise can make the notarized copy for you through our notary legalization services.

For document attestation in UAE embassy, firstly you need to ask your educational institution to send directly to the UAE consulate authentication department in Ottawa your sealed transcript matching your degree. Secondly you send your original degree/notarized copy to Visaenterprise. Thirdly the degree or notarized copy must be legalized by the Canadian ministry of foreign affairs/ Global Affairs Canada legalization section which is located only in Ottawa. Finally, Visaenterprise will submit the document to the UAE embassy legalization department to attest it. Therefore, the smart and short way to get legalization/ authentication documents attested by DFAIT then by any other embassy is to use the service of Visaenterprise which can get all the required authentication service all in one place.

How the process of authentication of document works:

1. Send Visaenterprise your original documents or notarized copy
2. Visaenterprise will obtain the stamp of the legalization department of the ministry of foreign affairs DFAIT.
3. Visaenterprise will hand the legalized authenticated documents to the desired embassy/ consulate in Ottawa.
4. After the completed authentication process Visaenterprise will courier the documents back to you or the destination you want it to reach.

The legalization/ attestation/ authentication services at Ottawa legalization is designed to be an all in one service. It means that you send us your request and we will complete all the steps from A to Z. This way it will save you a lot of the time, money and effort spent in trying to figure out what the right process and steps to take. It will save you trips or travel to Ottawa to legalize your documents in foreign affairs or to visit the embassies which have certain working hours. This can be difficult to arrange with your schedule. Therefor have your peace of mind and use the available Visaenterprise legalization services. This way you can get your job done efficiently and worry free. Some embassies require specific steps in order to legalize the document and it is always good to consult with Visaenterprise department and to visit for comprehensive information about legalization, attestation of documents in Ottawa, Canada. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with any inquiries.