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Embassy of Rwanda Ottawa Canada– Consular section

Legalization, attestation of document and authentication

Welcome to Canada’s document authentication, legalization, attestation & apostille Ottawa service, making your document globally effective Easily-Accurately-Fast. Authentication, attestation, legalization is a certification of the genuineness of the signature and seal or the position of an official who has the authority to execute, issue, or certify a document so that a document executed, issued or certified in one jurisdiction may be recognized in another jurisdiction. Authentications do not certify the genuineness, legality or credibility of the documents or their contents.

We assist clients to authenticate Canadian documents for the public for a wide range of documents. You may request that a Canadian public document be authenticated by asking us to confirm that a Canadian public official’s signature, seal or stamp on the document is genuine.

Does your document need to be authenticated?

Authentication requirements differ from country to country. Before sending your documents to be authenticated, please search our website, then contact us to obtain updated legalization, authentication, attestation and apostille information for your Canadian document attestation at the Rwanda High Commission in Ottawa Canada.

If you require your documents to be authenticated, you should ensure to have the documents authenticated prior to arranging for travel outside of Canada. Please note that Canadian missions or embassies abroad are often not able to authenticate Canadian documents.

For Canadian documents to have legal status in Rwanda, they must be legalized by the embassy’s Consular Section in Ottawa.

General requirements to legalize documents in Rwanda High Commission in Ottawa Canada:

1. The document for legalization, authentication and attestation must be an original or certified true copy of the original by a notary public or a commissioner of oath; however many embassies demand the stamp of the Lawyer or the Notary Public to be on the document itself and not on the cover letter of the Lawyer or of the Notary.
2. It must be stamped by the Global Affairs Canada, Authentication of Documents section in Ottawa (Ex Department of Foreign Affairs, International trade and development Canada DFATD).
3. Embassy of Rwanda fee is $20 Can per Document at Ottawa Canada for document legalization, attestation and authentication.
4. The consular section reserves the exclusive right to grant or reject the legalization of any document, to ask for additional documentations, requirements, changing the processing time and fees without prior notice. “Ottawa-legalization” authentication agent will notify you if any change accrues during your process.

Administrative Documents

1. Power of attorney/procuration

Rwanda High Commission in Ottawa validates all legal documents for Rwandans and non-Rwandans who reside in the jurisdiction that it covers; i.e Canada, Cuba and Haiti. Only documents bearing High Commission seal are legally acceptable in the Rwandan institutions. If you need your document(s) legalized, the following requirements must be submitted to the High Commission in full.

• Sign in front of an appropriate High Commission authority (especially for those who reside close to Rwanda High Commission Chancery) or provide a document to be authenticated that bears a signature and a seal from the notary public certified by the City in which you (the applicant) live.
• Date of birth (village, sector, district, and province)
• Name of parents of applicant
• Provide a copy of a valid picture identification card/passport
• ID of applicant
• Provide a request letter addressed to the High Commissioner signed by the applicant
• Reason for the request of power of attorney
• Name of representative, relationship with representative and ID of representative
• Copy of property document and the location of the property
• Provide 35$ CAD money order payable to Rwanda High Commission.
• We suggest that a pre – paid envelop be used in the mailing process of documents (suggestion: enable tracking facility for your convenience).

List of the document can be attested, legalized, authenticated or apostille after has been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, please check with us if there is any specific requirement for your document authentication at the Rwanda High Commission in Ottawa Canada.

Personal and legal document:
Educational and work Document:
Business and corporate document:

And much more please contact us for your document authentication request, and then you will receive an easy, fast and accurate total document legalization and attestation solution for your Canadian document at any embassy, consulate or high commission that located in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal or Global Affairs Canada {Ex- authentication of document Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) Canada}.

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