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Russian Embassy Legalization

Legalization of documents at Russian embassy in Ottawa:

Please note that Canada is not a member of The Hague Convention, dated October 5, 1961. This means that the procedure of apostille does not apply in Canada.

Procedure of document legalization and authentication is determined by the Administrative Regulations of MFA Russia dated June 18, 2012.

Prior to be submitted to the Embassy for legalization and authentication, any documents issued by Canadian federal or provincial government agencies or certified by a Canadian Notary Public, must be legalized in original stamp only at the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and Development of Canada (Global Affairs Canada). It means that they should have a red stamp and signatures of the duly authorized officials of the Department.

Please find additional information below:

For consular legalization of documents, the applicant must submit to the Embassy following documents:

1. Application Request form

– For personal documents, please use Personal request from at the form section below

– For companies, please use Companies request from at the form section below

2. Original passport or its notarized copy of the applicant or authorized person

3. For companies or person – the Power of attorney for MSQ Visaenterprise Ltd. to represent the interests of the companies or the person for the legalization of document at the Russian embassy;
the Power of attorney must be certified by a Canadian Notary Public and must be legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade and Development of Canada and translated into Russian with notarized translation accuracy;

4. Copy of documents;

5. Embassy fees are as follows:

– $42 Canadian dollars per document (for citizens of the Russian Federation);

– $112 Canadian dollars per document (for foreign nationals).

Even if you are holding a Russian passport but representing a Canadian company, and provide with item 2 above, you will pay as Russian citizen for the documents that you are submitting.

The documents subject to the consular legalization at the Russian embassy / consulate must comply with the following requirements:

– they should contain such attributes as number, date, signature, seal;

– documents must be drafted without erasures and subscriptions, they should not contain unspecified corrections, they should not be done in pencil;

– text of the document must be clear and precise, and the signatures of officials and stamps in the documents should be distinct;

– document, which contains more than one page, must be stapled, numbered and stamped.

– Please allow about 7 business days to process the document.