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Welcome to Canada's document authentication, legalization, attestation & apostille Ottawa service, making your document globally effective Easily-Accurately-Fast.

If your Canadian document will be used in any of the following country in the world and you wish to authenticate, attest, legalize or apostille them in order for your document to be accepted and recognize at your desirable new destination, then Ottawa legalization expert are your first point to contact.

We offer accelerated document authentication, certification, attestation and legalization services to both corporate clients and individuals with business, commercial and personal documents. Our expertise and exceptional customer service offer you time saving options and avoid costly miscalculations when dealing with document authentication services. Our main office located right in the Ottawa government and diplomatic district.

In order for any Canadian issued document to be recognized in a specific country, the document must be authenticated, attested, legalized or apostilled at the embassy of that specific country within Canada, most of the embassies, consulates and high commissions are located in Ottawa.

There is a specific procedure for the preparation of documents to be legalized by various embassies. Visaenterprise can assist you with this process for your particular application. Please contact us for any specific question and we will be glad to guide you.

General requirements to legalize documents at embassies

List of Embassies in Canada and the authentication services that we deal with regularly: